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 The material in this list contains strong language and subject matter that may be considered ‘politically incorrect’ or offensive to certain racial, political or religious groups, and should be viewed by an adult to make an informed decision.

 Dr. Phillip A. Valentine

1. The Vampires of Consciousness: De-Constructing the Historical lies of the Bible   6/27/98  … $45. 

2.Understanding the Metaphysics of the Bible    -11/8/98 … $35.

3.The Wounded Womb   -4/11/99  … $35.
4.The Wounded Womb   -2/13/00  … $35.

5.Poisonopathy  - Confessions of a Naturopathic Heretic…- The Deadly Practices of Allopathic and “Alternative” Medicine  … $65.

6.Mathematics of the Beast- (Pt. 1)10/17/98  … $45.

7.Mathematics of the Beast- (Pt. 2) Track of the Kosmic Pendulum… 911 Exposed!!! 12/01 … $45.

8.Matrix 1:  Mind Control thru Consensus Speculation   6 /30/99    (pt. 1)  … $35.

9.Matrix 2:  The Colonization of Evolutionary Consciousness    11/13/99 (pt. 2) … $35

10.Dark Matter Consciousness I -   Melanin; The Bio-Spiritual Archetype of Intelligence  … $35.

11.Dark Matter Consciousness II - The Cosmological Origins of Molecular/Atomic Consciousness …$45.

12.Transition to a Dark Matter Paradigm: PrivateInterview w/ Min. Clemson Brown                 Subject: Exploring the Unknown Variables of Black Spiritual Ascension…$35.

13.Harlem AIDS Conference: Sponsored by Rev. Al Sharpton / Hosted by Curtis Cost  (6 ½ hrs).)  Subject: Exposing the Lies and Misconceptions of the H.I.V. /A.I.D.S Hoax…     (10 Speakers)
               (Featuring… Gary Null / Dr. Phil Valentine / Rev. Michael Elner / Valerie Sheppard, and many more… $45.

14. Tetragrammaton I:    The Hyper–Dimensional Language of God   12/23/00  … $45.

15. Tetragrammaton II:  Geometries of the Light and Sound Streams  … $55.

16. Mad Cow, Cloning and the demise of Anglo-Aryan Genetics  …$45.

17. Apocalypse I: The Bio-Chemical Key to Genetic Ascension    12/19/99  …$55.

18. Apocalypse II:   1/23/00   …$55.

19. Nano-Genetic Mind Control: The Bio-Chemical Destruction of Proto-Genetic Consciousness  …$55.   

20. Somatic Death: The Metaphysics of Why God ‘Dies’…
-De-Constructing the Myth of ‘Death by Natural Causes’   (11½ hrs.) … $125.

21. Aristocracy of Evil I:    The Seat of Satan-The Throne of Rome  …$65.

22. Aristocracy of Evil II:   Soul-Jackers of The Construct  …$65.

23. Light–Code Transmissions III: The Dawning of Particle Perception …$45.

24. Sense and Sexuality:  Tantra and the Metaphysics of Intimacy  …$65.

25. The Gilchrist Experience: Cable TV Show:  Guest- Dr. Phillip A. Valentine
TV interview - II … TV interview – III;
TV interview - IV   ( Dr.Valentine- I on I with the Master,  Prof. Gabriel Oyibo)...$65.

26. Toxigenic Theology: Theo-Psychosis+ The Metaphysical War on Evolutionary Spirituality -Day 1(6 hrs.) …$65 

27. Toxigenic Theology: Theo-Psychosis and The Metaphysics of Ascension -Day 2  (3 ½ hrs.)   -Questions and Answers on Toxigenic Theology Lecture   (Low sound at beginning)  …$45
28. Crypto-Physics of “The Construct”:   Part 1                
a) Photonic Synthesis and The Cipher of Matrix Reload
b) The Coming of Mel-Chi-Zedek... $65.

29. Crypto-Physics of “The Construct”Part 2  
 a) The Mad Monad of the Multi-Verse…
 b) Galactic Ascension, and the Path of The Serpentine Fire  (Beyond Matrix Reloaded)… $65. 

30. Free–Stylin The Metaphysics: Call and Response (Private Interview w/ Eye Opener Prod.)   …$35.  

31. Code-Breaker I:    Cipher of The End-Time  Paradigm: Jackin’ the Shift    …$65.

32. Code-Breaker II:   The Dis–Integration of Elemental Super–Structures  -The Collapse of 3rd Density; “Is-Time” Reality, and The Trance–Formers of Perception…$65

33. Raw, Reel and Relative; The Theft of Afra-Kemetic Consciousness …$65.

34. The Passion of The Christ - “The Fakest Gory Ever Sold”:
-Religious Mind Control and the Origins of The Crucifixion Myth... $65.

35. Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations, and the Archaeological Evidence... $55.

36. A Resurrection of Reason in The Age of Ignorance, utilizing Al-Khemic Thought:   (7/24/ 04) …$65. 
   -Reformulating The Consciousness of Matter and the Light-Code Reality Matrix - (Phase 2)  6 ½ hrs.

37. Mathematics and the Metaphysics: One to One with The Master Teachers  -Dr. Gabriel Oyibo and Dr. Phil Valentine

Subject: G.A.G.U.T.;  The Theorem and the Metaphysics of Everything…and; Gij, j= 0; The Quintessential Mathematics of Spirit, and the Penultimate Equation of God …$45.

38. Gendercide 1:  De-Masculating the Human Equation: 
Devolution of the Masculine Principle; Path of the Virtuous and the saga of The “Persecuted Penis…”…$65

39. Gendercide 2:  The Cosmic Distillation of Gender… $65

40. Earth-Alert 1: Def-Con 4;  Brink of Annihilation  …$65
         -The Metaphysics of Deception, Counter-Intelligence and Covert Conquest…

41. Earth-Alert 2:  911 Redux -Re-genetic Manipulation, Saturation Mind-Bombing, and the Mega-Light of  the Galactic Pineal  / Dawn of the Lazarus Seed…$65.

42. Gathering of The Masters 2000  (Atlanta):…$75
a) The Manipulation of Instinct, and the Bio-Chemical destruction of Afra-Kemetic Consciousness…
b)   Theoretical Maps of future Cataclysmic Earth Changes

43. Code-Breaker III:  Lucifer’s Eye - Prometheus Ascending …$65.
       a)    The Shamanic Synchronicity of Death; Return of the Necrocracy, and the
               Sun-conscious Harmonics of the Blood-Song…
       b)    When Substance becomes Sensation

44. Crypto-Physics of “The Construct”: (Pt. 3)   Matrix Revolutions…$65.   
a)  Zion Betrayed!
b)  The Cipher of Neo and Mr. Smith
c)  A.U.M. / G.A.G.U.T.  and the Metaphysics of Pi

45. Lock-Down U.S.A:  (w/ special guest - Sis. Myra El – Shrine of Maat)  1/16/05…$65.
a) The Metaphysics of 21st Century Slavery…
b) The Tactical Suppression of Evolutionary Consciousness and Critical
Thinking, thru the Prussian System of Public School Education…
c) The Delphi Protocol

46. The Cosmic Codex – Book of the Earth:  (Pt. 1)  Chapter 1  -2005  ...$65              
a) The Mathematical Language of Elemental Transmutation…
b) The Pi-Point of Perception…   In The Beginning!    

47. The Quintessence of African Spirituality: (Lecture at the Happily Natural Day Festival: Va. 2005)…$45
The loss of Archetypal/Genetic African Identity, thru indoctrination by (Willie Lynch)
 Euro-Religious Culture-Centrism.

48. Operation DEATHMARCH (Part 1):  (7 3/4 hrs.) 2005 -$65.

49. Operation DEATHMARCH (Part 2):  (7-8 1/2 hrs.)  -2005  …$65.

50.  The Cosmic Codex – Book of the Earth:  (Pt. 2)  -2006 -$65.
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386.960.6719 for price listings and updates…


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