Open Letter

Open Letter



“As awakening Adepts on individual journeys toward the ‘path of the Hidden Light’ within, the mind of the true Seeker naturally contemplates the relevance of devoting precious time and attention to acquiring the knowledge of the Arcane Sciences left to us by our ancestral masters.

“Is it truly worth the time and my efforts?” Simply put, yes.

Our mission here at the University of Kemetian Sciences is (1) to help shift a Seeker’s present perceptual focus from the mundane reality that currently traps and manipulates our lower senses to a higher wavelength of psycho-spiritual awareness and the acuity, (2) to assist the Seeker in transgressing the present boundaries of 3rd Density mundane concepts, and redirecting their intentions toward A new interpretation of reality, and (3) to expand the Seeker’s objective and subjective frames of reference, so that they can dissolve, revise, and thus redesign the paradigm structures of a new transcendent reality.

Thus, by incorporating the Words, the Concepts and the Spirit of the lessons received here on your journey into the “Hidden Light”, you are not only changing your world personal within, but by association, the entire plane of existence wherein you now live, move, and have your being.”

At the University of Kemetian Sciences, “the Mission is Mastery – and the quest of Mastery – is the ultimate Mission.”

Love, Light, and Transcendence,

-Dr. Valentine