“UKS is by far the best and most comprehensive learning experience I ever enjoyed participating in. While studying at UKS I joyfully experienced the rare luxury of becoming a proactive participant in my own learning experience as opposed to the passive learning postures taught by mainstream education. Interactive study is highly encouraged here as not only does the student learn in order to teach, but ultimately as he or she starts to ascend towards Mastery, he or she may seek to teach in order to learn. For every Neophyte is rich in the potential to become a Master Teacher through the prism of ones unique experiences. At UKS every Neophyte is a Master waiting to unfold.”  

                                                                                                            – Amen Khonsu Meri

“…I wish that they  (the classes) were in person. I would  find a way to move to where they are held. I am so glad that I followed through and joined the school. It is how school should be. It isn’t linear and confusing. Things actually make sense and make me want to learn more. Everything is really interesting and  full of truth. You can tell that this is not a place to take your money and give you something that once you begin you’ll still be in the same place as when it is over. I know this place is one that encourages growth and accountability. I even want to take another course or two. I am very grateful that they have this and can’t wait to continue with it. It’s really exciting..”
– Narelle T.

“Deciding to be a student at the University of Kemetian Sciences was the best decision I have ever made in my life. This class was everything I expected it to be. It has actually exceeded all of my expectations. To all of my beloved seekers of truth, revolutionists, and people that desire to make a change in their lives and the world around them, I highly recommend this university. Brother Valentine has mastered his articulation so well that it leaves such an impact on your everyday life. You will begin to see things unfold and people begin to gravitate towards you. Universal law is so prevalent in my life that I now understand how to align my mind with the universal intelligence. If I were rich (financially), I would pay for everyone that was interested in higher learning to attend this University. The funny thing is I have only successfully completed Metaphysics 1 and Naturopathy 1, I haven’t even gotten to part 2 yet. The anticipation alone is nourishment for my soul. Brother Valentine, you have done a good service to this planet. Thank you…”                                                                                                                  

– Mark English

“As a former student of the UKS I must say I have gained an awareness that will guide me
through my journey and beyond . “

                                                                                                                      – Rita Townes 

“…The transformation experienced since finding my place and home within this dynamic and
brilliant UKS family is something I honestly can’t find the words to express. The woman I was before the first class is almost an unfamiliar memory; my will was completely blocked. I was caught in so many reverberating thought patterns and addictions that I lacked the awareness or objectivity to even recognize them.”

– Misty B

“There is no other university in the country–and perhaps the world that can match what they are teaching here at UKS. It’s truly a blessing and a wonderful opportunity for those who are consciously seeking truth, as opposed to myths… They are truly sent by the ancestors to teach what we lost when we lost our way”

 Anthony M,

“My experience at the Kemetian school of Science has been an illuminating one.  Dr. Phil Valentine is a wise, intellectual, proactive knower.  I’ve studied his work and researched the school and Dr. Valentine for a long time, before I made my decision.  The courses from the school have made me think in a more profound way about the “You”niverse, how the body and brain works with it, and how thought is more alive than we think. Overall the school changed me as person, turning me into a nonjudgmental, doer, thinker, and knower.  Dr. Valentine is a great teacher, role model, speaker, and father figure. I say that because he treats the students with care. I really appreciate the school and teachings and I use them everyday of my life now.  I love Dr. Valentine and the Kemetian Science school!”

                                                                                     -Howard Baily aka Chingy

“When we realize WE ARE THE CHANGE we seek, we begin to KNOW THYSELF.
Revelation upon revelation becomes apparent and we move forward through inner consciousness. I know Dr. Phil Valentine and queen Dr. Nalani Valentine purposefully enlighten us. What we do with that enlightenment is up to us. I send the magnificence of MAAT love to all that seek more and more, rather than settling for illusions. Ase.”

                                                                                                                   – Linda Boston

“Being a student in MPSY1 was a much needed eye opening experience. It changed my life in so many ways and I will never look at anything the same anymore. I came into the class not sure what I was looking for but I realized after the first class that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. MPSY1 opened my mind to see the once unseen and this is only the beginning. I will definitely be taking MPSY 2!”

-Raven Perkins

“Dr. Valentine’s work and method in delivering his message is outstanding. As The Elder would say ‘The only thing a sheep can see, is the ass in front of him’. Thanks and Great Journey to you All.”

                                                                                                    -Odalis De La Rosa

“Yesterday morning I was surprised and humbly greeted by the comforting, soothing voice of Dr. Phil Valentine-EL. The conversation kindled a light inside of me that I believe will glow a lifetime. You see, I set an intention to study specially amid this great contemporary intellectual warrior. Instantly the beauty of this receptive Universe shouted Yes, with the incredible speed of Now! I am so very grateful of the personal welcome and look forward to the Spring semester of the University of Kemetian Sciences. All praises are due.” 

                                                                                                                 – Sierra Adams