Initiate Level Courses

Metaphysical Psychology 1
Classical Naturopathy 1
Medu Netcher 1
$950 per course

Ascension Level Courses

Metaphysical Psychology 2
Classical Naturopathy 2
Medu Netcher 2
$950 per course

Perfection Level Courses

Metaphysical Psychology 3
Classical Naturopathy 3
Medu Netcher 3
$1500 per course
(start date to be announced)

Imhotep Level Courses

Metaphysical Psychology 4
Classical Naturopathy 4
Medu Netcher 4

$2500 per course

Payment options

Initiate and Ascension Levels

One full amount of $1,025


2 Payments of 513.00


3 equal payments of $342.00

Perfection Levels

1. One full amount of $1,575 or
2. Two equal payments of $788 or
3. Three payments of $525

Tuition is non-refundable. Should circumstances prevent you from completing your course, you may request re-admission in any course without additional charge, as long as it is 1. within the same year that you have registered, and 2. with the agreement of your instructor.
All Options include a non-refundable $75 Registration fee:

Late registration begins 2 weeks before classes, and incurs a $50 late fee.  [REGISTER NOW]